The International Transport Federation (ITF) with its headquarter at London have offices and various regions of the world. With Delhi as its headquarter of South Asia Region International Transport Federation have their affiliation in all countries and in during these years only AIRF was affiliate of this world body. Repeated efforts made by the N.F.I.R on earlier days to get the affiliation of ITF. Were not successful. However, it is heartening to note that, by the vigorous efforts of Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy, M.P and President, INTUC after undergoing many struggles and with all persuasion by NFIR and INTUC, at least the I.T.F has granted affiliation to the NFIR.

In recent held I.T.F. Sponsored conference at Colombo from 5 th to 8 th April, 2006 on the South Asian Women's skills training Workshop, the working Committee member of SCRE Sangh Smt.V.Sujatha Baburao has participated .The following topics are discussed, I.T.F and its various activities & Women's Wing activities. Roles & Education in Trade Union activities. Challenges facing women Transport Workers in South Asian Region. Sexual harassment at workplaces. How to protect women workers. Globalization in Transport Industry its impact on under a developing /developed Countries, how workers are made jobless. ITF Women's network benefits by sharing experience, resolving the issues on fast track. Role of communication Skills a benefiting the leadership-public speaking organization seminars/workshops/Meeting on particular issues. Field Works Trade Union Education to field workers. HIV/AID Show workers are being affected a role of the trade Union Women Workers to protect the work force and save families.

Country-wide presentation a “Discussion on Trade Union “Country’s issues. Planning, Co-ordination, organizing and improving leadership qualities, Trade Union ethics .The SCRE Sangh should avail the advantages of ITF affiliation and organize various activities with the patronage of ITF as and when decided. Such actions would develop the skills of the cadre and large exposure among the Trade Unionists. The financial implication as a result of affiliation to ITF is very substantial, as SCRE Sangh has to remit Rs.60, 000 there is increase in membership .All the Delegates may please appreciate this additional burden and rise to the occasion for commitment and equally avail all the rights and privileges by our association with ITF

President Speech

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